Daily Inspirational Fix: I Know You’re Tired

I am inspired to write about this specific topic today because like  for many others, times are so hard.  I was talking to a close person in my life and they were talking about how tried they was about going through the same hardships time and time again.  My heart went out to them because I to, have an issue in my life that seems to take me to a dark place.  It takes me to  a place where I want to be isolated from all emotions and human activity.  It makes me want to despise everything and allows happiness to be a distant memory.  So, all I could tell this person was to let me be your strength in this weak time, let me go to God and pray on your behalf.  I said this because when life becomes cruel, the last thing we want to do is PRAY, again.  Being a believer does not mean that we don’t get frustrated when we feel like God has turned a deaf ear to our prayers.  Who wouldn’t get tired if you done all you can and still no results. You pray, fast, sacrifice your will, do good unto others, and follow God’s directions for your life…………….. and still get nothing.  It gets hard, but that’s when you call on people that you know loves you and will put in a prayer for you.  So remember, that it’s okay to get frustrated.  Just step back and call on your fellow believers to help strengthen your faith at a time when it is hard to believe.  Please know that everything will work out.  I love you and be encouraged!


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  1. Ms. Diamond

    Thank you so much for this one, you don’t how much of a blessing you are, you encourage people in these very difficult times. Thank you for being so personable, keep doing this my sister.

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