Looking In The Mirror

 (Picture: Me looking in the mirror and setting the example)

In the recent tragedies in the unraveling marriage of Tiger and Elin Woods and the sudden death Chris Henry, I find that most people are concern with the drama and speculation of the incidents, than the demise of two families.  We rather hunt down photos of the distraught family members like a tiger would his prey, than to genuinely be concerned about the wellbeing of these people (And not  to mention five small kids, Tiger has 2 and Henry has 3).  When did we get so opinionated and judgemental over other people lives, when we have our own personal tragedies and hardships? When did it become okay to judge somebody’s “domestic disputes”, when we have them? All I’m saying is, before you speculate………….Look in the mirror.  Point out your faults and discover the necessary actions that you must take to resolve them.  Please remember to THINK before making irrational decisions because it can cost your life or somebody’s else.


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  1. Ms. Diamond

    Miss Dani, you are right. We need to look at ourselves and our own trifling situations before we point fingers. Keep up the good work on your blogs, their are quite inspirational.

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