Movie Review: Princess and The Frog

I know I am two weeks (maybe more) late with this one, but I just had to blog about this delightful movie that is a “must see”.  Even though the voices, animation, music, and the fact that we finally have a black princess are intriguing; the message that it sent was even more powerful (Even moved me to tears!).  I’m going try not to give the movie away totally, but it was so inspiring.  The young princess worked tirelessly  to achieve what was once her fathers’ before he died.  He dreamt of having a restaurant, but died before he could reach  it.  And, like many of us; he had to defer his dreams to work hard to support his family.  His daughter seen his struggle and vowed to accomplish what her father could not.  She even sacrifice her social life and youth to work dead-end jobs to save enough money to buy the space for her restaurant and not to mention the “haters”, who tried to stop her from getting to her dreams.  But, she didn’t give up and found something more than her dreams, true love.  So, take your kids and the whole family and enjoy this extraordinary piece of work.


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