Keyshia Displaying The Real Meaning of Christmas And Her Baby Bump!

Everyone knows that I am a fan of Miss Keyshia Cole!  I just think that she has a powerful testimony and I admire her to have the strength to soar in spite of her hard upbringing.  Christmas, was no exception! Keyshia along with her adorable baby bump and mother, Yvonne Cole; passed out Christmas toys for foster children in her hometown of East Oakland.  It is so touching that Keyshia refuses to forget her roots (she was adopted because her mother gave her up along with six other siblings due to her drug addiction) and tries her best to bring some sunshine to the lives of these underprivileged children, who doesn’t have loving parents in their lives.  Keyshia, thank you for your unselfishness and we all see how God is blessing you!  It is believed that Cole is due in March even though, she has not even confirmed that she is pregnant yet.



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2 responses to “Keyshia Displaying The Real Meaning of Christmas And Her Baby Bump!

  1. – Yea I Like That About Keyshia Cole , She Always Thinks About Other People Just Like Her && That Gives Them Alot Of Hope Knowin That A Celebrity That They Probably Look Up To Came From What They Are . !

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