Daily Inspirational Fix: A Time of Reflection

As the minutes are quickly passing by with 2010 fastly approaching, I am relieved yet a little sad when I think about what all went on in 2009.  For myself, 2009 hasn’t been that gracious towards me, but throughout its many uncertainies, God has been merciful and faithful.  I can’t help but to reflect on the difficult times like the breakdown of marriages of family members; my cousin being murdered; the dark place that my miscarriage took me back in June; the nearly fatal accident that could have taken my husband and I lives in September; the lost of close friendships; financial issues; health problems; and just the daily struggle of overpowering personal demons and insecurities.  But one positive thing that I can say about 2009; is that it exposed strength that I did not know I had. That same strength that God adorned me with; allowed me to see past all the hurt and strive for a existence that meant something.  It was the very thing that helped me to start this blog and to be transparent; so that other people can feel secure enough to face their own issues and moved forward.  So, I declare that 2010 will be the year that we move pass our struggles and fight to a better way of living and thinking.  It’s time to put action towards our dreams and make our existence mean something.  Be safe on this New Year’s Eve and remember to keep God fast on your mind (Before the partying!).  I love you and I will see you in  2010!


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