Love Diaries: Time Invested Or Time Wasted

Yes, DBlog family it’s time for another love one!  Lately, I have been inspired to write about love because of the demise of a close friend’s marriage.  My friend and I have had countless conversations about the emotional aspect of a break up and my conclusion came to …………… time invested. While I think that every relationship that we are in is time invested because we always learn from the experience and hopefully resurface as a stronger person; my friend feels like a relationship gone sour is time wasted.  I couldn’t figure if she felt that way because she felt cheated of the life that she wanted or because she really thought she wasted seven years of her life.  Then, my question to her was, Well, if this person was not worth your time, why did you waste so much of your time on them?  How smart is that?  My point wasn’t to call her stupid, but to make her realize that the time was not wasted because she spent it the way she wanted at that moment and for some time; she lived in happiness.  Personally, I can not think of one guy that I have been involved with, a wasted of time.  I might  can call some of them foolish, but I learned wonderful life lessons that I wouldn’t have if I did not live through those relationships.  I asked a couple of people about their opinion on this topic, and only one I found interesting.  This person told me that they wasted time with a man that they invested eleven years in, but gained a peace of mind.  I disagreed, because a peace of mind is the best present anyone could give us.  Only because a peace of mind gives you all the equipment you need to get through the storms in your life.  As women,I believe that we should start seeing the bigger picture.  Yes, you might have spent tens years with your mate and walked away “ringless”; but the experience was priceless.  And at the least, you learned what not to do in your next relationship.  Let me know how you feel about this one!


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  1. yes time was wasted in a five year relationship . But when God show me His face one summer day .That was the day of in peace for, and that was the day when it end. See sometime we think that all relationship are for every. if God is know were in or half were in there not a relationship. It a ship with a sail going no were.I thank God for the relationship I have with HIM

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