Will “Beige” Be The New “Black” ?

Byron Allen and Family(right); Khloe Kardasian and Lamar Odom (center)

With the rise of interracial relationship at its highest, some interesting statements are being made.  So, I was reading some blogs and came across an opinion that just left me stumped.  A woman was complaining with so many blacks and whites, reproducing and marrying; that by 2050 the black race as we knew it will be extinct.  In simpler words, the “dark-skin” African-Americans will be non-existant and that our children would never experience the core of their beginnings.  I couldn’t believe that people actually thought that interracial mingling would led to the demise of our “blackness”.  People actually believe that the “beige/lighter skin children” , that are products of interracial relationships; will become the “New American Family”.  Then, after a lot of thought; I allowed myself to get lost in that person’s opinion and really questioned was that a possibility.  Could the variation of our skin tone as blacks, turn to just beige?  Would our children learn to despise the “darker tones” of African-American skin tones?  Then, I jumped back to my truth, and totally disagreed.  Even though, I grew up believing that races should not mix (mainly because my grandfather was prejudice and was still deeply hurt by his little brother being hung because he was accused of raping a white woman; which was really his girlfriend.  But, due to extreme prejudice and cruelty, his fate was not unusually for the early 1900’s); I believe now that the world have bigger problems and that it does not matter what color loves come in.  We should we proud that people are letting go of the color barriers and that all races can live in sync and harmony.  We should be proud that a black man can live if he choses to love a white women, we all have the right to love whoever we choose to.  So, people let’s change our mind sets and just love one another, no matter what color they are. 




Maybe this is the “New American Family”


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