Daily Inspirational Fix: Does Everyone Wants To Be Rescued?

Okay, so I was sitting and talking with a new acquaintance, which happens to be a psychologist.  He was talking about his past employment and discussed how he used to be a crisis line operator.  A crisis operator is a person who coaches a person attempting suicide to calm down and ultimately choose to live.  Naturally, your girl have tons of questions to ask my new acquaintance!  So, I asked him, “Do you believe that everyone you talked to really had a crisis or just needed attention”.  He said that he believed some was going through crisis and the simple fact is that everyone wants to be rescued.  That statement sparked my interested.

IS that true? Do we really just want someone to save us, some one to reach us when we feel like no one is in arm reach?  Of course we do, I know that I do.  When I feel like I’m lacking or just lonely, all I want is to have someone who will sympathize with me, care for me, and just plain “baby me”.  So, if I feel this way, I know that others do.  We all cry out for help at one point or another.  So today, reach out to someone because they might just be calling out for help or attempting  a desperate cry for help………….. LIKE SUICIDE.  Love others because God is love.  I love you and be encouraged!


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One response to “Daily Inspirational Fix: Does Everyone Wants To Be Rescued?

  1. I agree. There are times where I just want to be rescued… *paging Jesus to send me a life raft* Sometimes motherhood, wife-hood, sister hood, family hood, work hood, church hood, can take a toll on your mind, body, and soul and just need a rescue.

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