Daily Inspirational Fix: A Dose of Harsh Reality

I know that I am not the only person who is in denial about certain aspects of their lives, but I might be the only person who will willingly say that!  The truth is that I am young, but my health probably would not do that truth any justice.  What 25-year-old do you know that suffers with diabetes and hypertension?  Well, I do and I know that there are millions of young people who does too.  Some of the reasons are lifestyles choices like diet and exercise; some heredity; and some is just the stress of life.  No matter what the reason  is, something must CHANGE.  I can acknowledge that “change “can be scary, but it is necessary.  Change might come in the form of removing certain people in your life or dropping a bad habit (like smoking or drinking), but one thing is certain……………… I have to cut some people, drama, and situations from my life because my health and sanity depends on it.  I know that if I am going through these storms, that someone else is going through too.  So, if it’s time to face some harsh realities and make some serious and uncomfortable changes…………… take that step with me.  The first thing you must do, is leave that situation  (and people) in your life that echoes confusion, because God even says that he is not in the mist of confusion.  I am certain that I don’t (and every believer) does not belong in any place where JESUS does not reside in .  The second thing is to seek medical attention if need be and some Godly counsel  (Or maybe just a good heart to heart with someone who have your best interest at heart and will hold no punches).  Then, please remember to seek God in all your endeavors and I promise that you will seek the guidance that you need.  And please remember, you always have this site and I pray that it encourages you.  It’s time for us to be freed from our personal bondage, so that we can transition to the person that God wants us to be.  I love you and be encouraged!


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