Poetry Corner: Daddy’s Girl!

Watch out Vanessa and Angela Simmons, Dani’s the REAL daddy’s girl!  This pass weekend, my family and I celebrated my father’s 60th birthday by giving him a surprise party.  We had a blast and my dad received so much love that is well deserved.  I know a lot of women say that they have the best dad, but no MAN compares to William Tyler.  My dad is the most loving, compassion, humble, and humorous person I know.  Through out  the years, my father has been that consistent male figure in my life and I wanted to honor him with my God-given talent, poetry. So, enjoy this poem that I wrote for him,




Today my words search for the passion and gratitude that I want to convey to you

And they don’t have to search far because it’s right here

Right here in my arms

They only mirror the same passion that you held in yours

They have comfort me in my times of uneasiness

The same arms that protected me from my fears and nightmares

The same arm that guided my jump shot

I hold this compassion for you in my eyes

The same way your eyes did when I walked across the stage to receive my diploma

Or when you looked on with love as I exchanged vows with my husband

I hold my passion for you in my walk and the words that I share

Because I am only the harvest of your labor, the fruit that God has given you to bare

And that is why all of my achievements are the highlights

Of your sacrifice

How you woke every morning at the crack of dawn and walked the streets in the darkness, just to provide

That’s why

Today my words, emotions, and appreciation collides

Daddy, I remember your strength

You were my biggest supporter

My own personal cheerleader at my basketball games

And the only father at my girl scouts meetings

I even remember how you attempted to brush my hair when mommy was away

And how I still trust you with my secrets because you keep them safely tucked away

Those sacrifices do not go unnoticed

And the love that you gave and still give, has set the standard for any man who dared to love me

That same love affords me the independence that I still harbor today; I choose to depend on no man besides

The one who lives beyond the skies

And you

Just thinking about the memories of us, gives me this feeling

A feeling that is indescribable and moves me to tears

Because when I’m holding on to my courage with my fingertips

Daddy, it’s your voice that calms me and keeps me within sanity’s grips

So, today with all my emotions gathered

As my words have found the gratitude

And the passion that I want to convey to you

They didn’t have to search long or far because they are right here.

Written on my face

Painted with my words

And etched in my heart



(I’m on the far left and my daddy is right beside me!)



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One response to “Poetry Corner: Daddy’s Girl!

  1. Carla S.

    I love this poem!!!!

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