We Must Help Haiti

My brother had one simple question for me, “Why would God have let such a disaster happen, tell me why those poor, defenseless children have to suffer like this?  For once, my words came up short and I had to ask myself.  I usually have so much to say about God and how merciful his is; but the truth was…………. I was questioning God.  I don’t understand why so many lives were lost, so tragically.  The taunting images of countless bodies trample; children screaming; and blood shattered had me wondering the same as any other person watching from afar.  Why did this happen, how are Haitian people suppose to repair the remains of their lives and move on from this earthquake.  I don’t know and I doubt that anyone has the answers.  Even though I don’t know God reasoning and I can admit that it angers me to see the devastation, I trust God.  Times like this, test our faith and dedication to the word of God.  I know this ordeal looks bad, but we have to hold on to our faith and continue to pray for Haiti.  As of now, reports are telling us that 250,000 are dead and 200,000 is injured.  And the devastation is getting worst, people are in desperate need of medical attention and the basic necessities,  Please help me, help the people of Haiti by

Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Cross Relief Effort

Text “UNICEF” to 20222 to donate $10 to the Unicef Haiti Relief Effort


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