Does A Married Woman Need Permission To Have A Baby With The Hubby?

Okay DBlog family, so I’m riding home from work and tuned in to a radio discussion.  The topic of the day was, Do a woman need her husband permission to get pregnant?  The scenario was a young woman wanted to get pregnant while her husband did not want to have a baby at that particular time due to financial pressure.  He wanted to get his career started first.  I was surprise to hear the response of the female listeners, most of the women sided with the woman.  Their attitude was that the woman had the authority to make tha decision ALONE to have a baby, despite her husband’s dismay.  Personally, I think that mentality is selfish and spiteful.  Why would a woman want to make that decision on her own, while the man plays a VITAL role in the baby-making process.  A man should willingly decide if he wants to take on the “Father” role, how many men today suffer from the”Deadbeat Dad Syndrome” because they do not or just was not ready for the responsibility.  As women, if we want a father figure instead of a “sperm donor” for our children, then we should choose to reproduce with a man who is ready for parenting.  Every child deserves a strong male presence in their lives and it makes all the difference when children have that reality. 

The flip part of the situation is that it is unfair for the male to call all the shots in the relationship!  A marriage is about compromise, so I do think that men should be sensitive when it comes to this topic.  I think a man and woman should have this conversation before , “I Do”.  Couples should discuss if when they want to start a family, if they even want to start one.  So, women don’t trick your men into fatherhood, I believe that you will pay the price later on.  You don’t ever want to apologize to your child in the future because their father resent their presense and never gave them the relationship that they deserve.  Just something to think about, let me know how you feel about this one!



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2 responses to “Does A Married Woman Need Permission To Have A Baby With The Hubby?

  1. Carla S.

    Hey Hon!!

    I was listening to this radio show too. I totally agree with you that a woman and her husband should agree on the time to add to their family. Bringing a child into this world is a decision that so many take lightly. Some of these parent fail to realize what it takes to raise children in today’s society. How selfish is it to start this child’s life without considering that this choice to ignore his or her father’s wishes could strain or destroy their father/ child bond?
    In keeping with this topic, my question to you and your readers is what does a couple do when they reach this road? Or what if the question is how many children? Say the husband only wants 1 and the wife wants 2.

    • Hello Carla S! First, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read this site! Well, to answer your question………….
      I think when a couple gets to this particular crossroad, I think it’s all about compromise. For example, if the father does not want a baby at the time, then he should be generous enough to give his wife a timeline. He can at least give her an estimated time, where he is going to make her dreams come true (She does have to put her dreams on hold until his are accomplished). Then, she will be comforted that he plans to line his desires up with hers in the future (hopefully near future). Now, with the couple agreeing on how many kids, I think this conversation should happen way before the rings because if he wants one and she wants a “Brady Bunch”, both parties should have ample time to decide if they can compromise, obliged, or run to the nearest exit. Hope this answers your question.

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