Tiger Woods In Therapy Or “Just An Excuse”

Now, Dblog family………….. you know that your girl would be the last person on earth to judge anyone!  The word of God tells us “The one without sin cast the first stone”, so you won’t caught Dani throwing rocks!  But, you will caught my opinions!  Now, I think that Tiger should just have admitted to his wrong (which he has done) and just worked on his self  and repairing his marriage privately.  But, to come out of hiding, talking about his addiction to sex and that it was the cause of his downfall .  This might have some truth, but people…………… I can not buy that.  What I believed happened, is that Tiger acted like a rich man, who has any and everything at his disposal (And, I say disposal because everything that he picked up was trash,,,,,,, just look at the interviews and confessions of countless woman claiming to have had sexual relations with Mr. Woods).  What man in his place, who can demand anything by the snap of his fingers and wave of his wallet; wouldn’t take full advantage of a woman who will give away her body.  I just hoped that Tiger would try to repair his marriage privately and without sympathy.  I feel like he wants sympathy points by trying to convince the world that he has “a problem” and that “he couldn’t control his urges”.  PleaseEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, he didn’t want to control his urges; he just got caught. People, why do we give so much power to money and excuses?


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