Love Diaries: Losing Love

Okay Dblog family, I’m back with another love story!  The other day I was sitting and talking with a girlfriend and the topic of “love” arose.  You know that I don’t mind talking about love, I live on the essence of it.  Nothing completes me more than giving and receiving love, but I wanted to run far away from this conversation.  My girlfriend is living through a nasty breakup and proposed this question,” How to you get over someone who you’re still in love with”.  I simply replied, “I don’t know. tell me when you have figured it out”.  That was the truth, I had no advice to lend, one of the most difficult things is to get over someone who still have your heart.  It’s like getting over your first love and who wants to do that? Everytime you close your eyes, you remember the way that person said, “I love you” or how a hug from them, made your world okay.  You think about how you lost the one person who had your back and care deeply for you, how can you get rid of those feelings quickly or at all?  I don’t believe that one truly and fully get rid of the loving feeling that you have for someone who you were in love with. I do believe that time makes it easier and makes it a distant memory, but you never forgot the pain of losing love. Losing love makes you question yourself, motives, and your responsibility for the breakup.  So, now you have to learn to live without your love and blaming yourself through the process………….  just seems brutal, right?    So, I wish I could have  given my girlfriend just a little hope to hold on to, but it’s no way to numb the devastation of losing love.  Tell me what you think about this one?  What was the hardest breakup or “Love Lost” situation that you have been through? 

P>S.  A “Love Lost” situation is not only a husband, wife, girlfriend, and boyfriend.  It can be losing a best friend, family member, or death of someone you loved.


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