Jay-Z and Beyonce, “The Weirdest Married Couple”

Okay, so I’m watching the Grammy’s…………… wasn’t impress (And I’m a huge fan of music!) .  But, one thing caught my attention. When Mrs. Shawn Carter, herself accepted her award for best pop song, did you see the embrace that the husband and wife duo gave one another?  Jay Z, hugged her like he would his grandmother.  Then, when Beyonce gave her acceptance speech, she stun the world (Only because Jay and Bey made it a point to not show public displays of affection) when she thanked her husband and told him that she loved him.  Mr. Carter respond was more shocking, he shrugged his arms like, “What are you doing, that wasn’t in the script”.  My first reaction was, “Are you kidding me”!  Even, if the agreement was that they publicly not acknowledge one another, he could have at least went with the flow and followed her lead.  He left his wife hanging, looking like a desperate woman begging for her man’s attention (like she isn’t a vital part of his life).  Now, I’m not saying that a man should slob his woman down in public, but can’t she get a heartfelt hug.  Can’t believe that this was the most interesting moment in the show for me!  Share yours!  But, on a serious tip, how do you think that a married couple should act in public?  Do you think that it is wrong for Beyonce and Shawn to allow their celebrity to dictate how they treat one another, in spite of their location?


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  1. I didn’t watch the awards show, but I must say they have a peculiar relationship. I mean Beyonce seems like the affectionate type and I couldn’t imagine giving a shot to my hubby and he gives me a shrug. I think each married has their own style, but as for me and my hubby… Hug me, give me a I miss you kiss on the lips or the cheek, give me goo goo eyes…I mean really…giggling 🙂

    The fun of being married is acting like school kids flirting and making each other feel like the only one in the room. 🙂 I love my hubby

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