What Do Women Really Want?

You think that since I was a woman, that I would know EXACTLY what women want in our relationships with our significant other………. but I have no idea.  I can only speak for myself ,but I can understand the confusion circulating this question…………… women send out mix signals for sure!  I was checking out the Letoya Luckett’s video, “Regrets” and it clearly talks about a woman being bitter because of the life that she gave to a man who obviously did not appreciate her generosity.  Women always claim that they want a man who can take care of home, but time after time, we settle for completely supporting the man just for the satisfaction of having a man.  Now, how can we preach to the choir that we want a decent man, but out of desperation; settle for anything.  What do  we really want?  A man to fill that space in our beds (and the space between our legs), or do we want a man that respects us; provide for us; fulfill our mentally and emotional needs; be a friend; be a supportive spouse; and take care of our sexual needs or a little boy that keeps us occupied for the time being. 

I think this question will remain for eternity.  Women will always accept the “bottom of the barrel\l”, simply because some of us have little to no self- respect or esteem.  Some of us think that having a man completes us, when he only suppose to compliment us.  We are supposed to be our “own woman” and be someone who we are proud of, instead of living without an identity because your man is your identity.  Women, it’s time to answer this question, individually.  We don’t have duplicate  Letoya and give your man “his swag and a duffel bag”; let that man get his own swag.


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