How To Mend Your Heart From A Failed Friendship?

The internet have countless information on mending a broken heart, but ………………. NOT FOR FRIENDSHIPS!  My good friend and I was having a conversation about a mutual acquaintance that I do not speak to any longer.  And, even though I keep a hard interior, the demise of that friendship was difficult to deal with.  Just like an ex- boyfriend, most days I want to call her or hang out; but my pride won’t let me do those things.  So, now I’m stuck with picking up the pieces of my shattered heart.  I figured that I am not the only person who has to deal with mending a broken heart after a friendship has met an end.  The first thing I do is work on any evil thoughts  and hurtful memories I have about that person (especially, if my feeling were hurt).  I do a lot of prayer and reflection and definitely seek wise counsels.  I look to talk to older women, who have been through a similar situation.  After, I get over the sting, I still have to come up with ways to avoid the urge to get in contact with them until I have dealt with all the issues that could have the potential to bring more confusion between us.  I usually work out, it’s a great stress relief and it helps with all the extra carbs I consume when I’m going through something like this!  Finally, I speak to my closest friends so that I can get input and advice.  Sometimes when you get a perspective from an outsider looking in on the situation; you can then see your part in the problem.  Finally, I let time dictate the rest.  Sometimes distance brings you closer and somethings it’s the last nail in the coffin.  But, one good thing about the last step is that by this time; I can see clear and hold no ill feelings towards that person.  If I hear some news about them, I can rejoice about good news and sympathize with the bad news.  One of the hardest things to do is to let go our a relationship that once meant the world to you………… but unfortunately; it’s life.


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