What’s All The Fuss About Open Marriages? Monique Started Something!

 Okay, I don’t know what is all the fuss about Monique’s recent comments on open marriages.  The truth of the matter is that most marriages are open, but one partner just doesn’t know it!  How many wives or husbands “creep”  (shout – out to TLC), and their partners are unaware; living their marriages open without consent.  Ms. Monique, just rather know if her husband has strayed and chooses not to let any discretion (including cheating) break her marriage.  Although, I don’t agree personally with an open marriage, but I understand the statement.  If my husband cheated, of course I would be devastated; but I would not leave my husband.  That wouldn’t be the deal breaker for us either, I would do all I could to repair our relationship and the trust.  Now, if he did it twenty times, I might have to reconsider.  If my husband keeps cheating, obviously he has a problem, that I can not fix. 

 One thing I am learning, is that people do not have the same morals and standards when it comes to marriage.  Some people marry for the right reasons and because they want to vow their life and love to someone.  Other people do it for selfish reasons, because they want a lavish wedding; it’s suppose to happen before they hit middle age, or they are feel like marriage makes them important.  My point is, in these days and times; marriage  is looked upon as a fantasy and it’s not until the wedding is done that they get the reality.  After, they get the reality; they hit the pavement running towards the next person because the person they married  can not offer them the things that they want or need.  So, maybe when people can define the real meaning of marriage, then the fuss about “open marriages” may be over.  Let me know how you feel about this one!


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