Why Do Woman Keep Themselves In Abusive Relationships?

Just recently, I sat down with a young woman my age and we exchanged love stories.  It nearly broke my heart as she told me how much abuse she had endured at the hands of her boyfriend (I purposely refer to him as a boy because REAL MEN do not beat up their women).  I mean this beautiful young ladies has endured busted lips, eyes, and not to mention self-esteem.  She has endured being choked out in front of her children; being called every name in the book; and countless fistfights with women that her man has crept with.  I didn’t even mention the busted eye on the inside of her eyelids (I heard of black eyes around the eye, but never seen someone bled from the inside of their eye).  The most shocking thing is that this female is still in a relationship with this man and refuse to leave him.  I asked her in the most loving way, why do you deal with this and she replied, “I don’t deserve better, I would probably died if I didn’t have him around”.  I wanted to say that, you will die if you stick around and your self-respect had died already; but I didn’t have the heart to utter those words.  Instead, I said that you have to get away from him, you have to set the example for your children, so that they know what type of behavior to model.  I can not describe to you the pain that I felt as my heart broke for her; her mentality was going to be the death of her.  She believed in her heart that there is no other way to live, but to be abused and belittled.  Why do we as women, accept the physically, mental, and emotionally abuse from our men?  Is it because we are so desperate to have a man occupy our beds or complete our identities?  I think it is a string of reasons from feeling like a man will complete you to low self-worth and esteem. Regardless of the reason, we must find a solution.  So, if you know a woman in this situation, please don’t give up on them because you may be their only life line. Keep telling them what is right, they are listening; even if you don’t think they are hearing you. Let me know what you are feeling about this specific topic?


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