Keeping It Light Tuesdays: What Happen To D’Angelo?

Okay, ladies this one is for you!  Okay, so I’m scrolling through some of favorite entertainment sources and came across a disbelieving photo  of D’Angelo (Remember he was sexy chocolate in the “How Does It Feels” video).  Well, things have changed since the neo soul crooner took the music industry by storm in the late 90’s.  One obvious thing is that the singer has been arrested for solicitation (Back in the day, women would throw their panties at him!).  On March 6, 2010, D’Angelo was arrested after he allegedly offered forty bucks (Is that what a blow job is worth these days?) to an undercover policewoman for oral sex.  Wow, it’s ironic how he has to pay for the same act that he portrayed in his infamous “How Does It Feel” video.  Good luck partner!



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2 responses to “Keeping It Light Tuesdays: What Happen To D’Angelo?

  1. MrsWhitneyB

    Im so not surprised because he has been out the game for a minute and of course the lines of ladies are far and few ! Dont get it twisted i like this look better ! Something bout a rough dude!

  2. sad… I remember me some D’Angelo… wooo he let himself go…

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