“The Church”

Okay, so an associate of mine, (who happens to be a young pastor )asked me my opinion of “the church”.  As the daughter of a preacher and growing up in “The All Boys Club” better known as the “The Baltimore Baptist Church”; I have definitely formed an opinion of the church.  Before I start, please respect that this is my opinion which might not be favorable but it is my truth.  They are my facts, things that I have witnessed with my own two eyes as being a daughter of a woman preacher (now pastor, shout out to my church; Whosoeverwill Ministries!). 

First thing first, the things that I have seen in the church are very corrupted and I think that’s where my lack of respect for religion was formed.  I am spiritual believing in Jesus Christ and his comforter, the Holy Spirit: but as far as the politics of religion goes…………………. I have been set free.  See, the church has lost its focus on the real goal; which is to serve God and his people in spirit and in truth and to help win souls for God’s kingdom.  The goal now is to finish the race first; to become a “TD Jakes” or a “Jamal Bryant”(shout to those men, I follow both ministries); to attained a 1000+ congregation; and to get rich quick.  I’m not saying that some of those goals are wrong, but it is wrong when it consumes you and you forget to do God’s will.  When did preachers start being so stuck on themselves , that they can’t be addressed by their first names; but can’t even call their members by their names (because numbers mean more than salvation).  When did bragging about your $500.00 suits  become acceptable, when you don’t even have a soup kitchen for the homeless in your community (Somebody please say AMEN) .  When did it become acceptable to make a woman preacher, preach on the floor instead of the pulpit; when you are a raging homosexual who happens to be married (with kids). When did the competition of building the biggest church with skyscrapers; when you can’t even pay your members BGE bill or educate our children.

Seems like church is not what it suppose to be, we have lost our focus.  Instead, we have turned it into “Satan’s System of Things”.  If I’m not mistaken, didn’t satan get thrown out of heaven because of his ego and pride.  He thought that he was too good to do the will of God; that he could do a better job.  Isn’t it strange, that the same ego and pride that satan has; resides in the hearts of the same big time preachers that we choose to idolize.  My goal in this blog, is to get people thinking about the true mission of God, not to discredit the church.  Sharing our praise, worship, time, and testimony with the Lord and his people.  We forgot to make a difference, instead we continue to feed the egos  of these so-called pastors and follow their distorted visions.  God has given all true believers discernment, so we can follow the vision that God has laid before us and the visions of man (who has no business leading people). Let me know your opinions on this one!


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