Poetry Corner: I Trust You


Love is the only inspiration behind this one…………… Hope it speaks to your heart.


I Trust You


When I’m all alone

In the softness of my thinking

And intimacy shadows my feelings

And all of my emotions

I think about the gentleness of your eyes

And the quietness of your nature

I think about the warmth of your consideration

And being held firmly in  your affection

I simple adore you

And how your arms invite me into your love

Into your warm and tender places

I trust the depth of your vulnerability

And the generosity of your charity

I just want you around

I  need you around, suffocating my space

Because I trust what is in you

It has turned my vile perception of love

Back into beauty

And the transition has flowed so poetically and smoothly

Because of you





Danielle Kinsey




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One response to “Poetry Corner: I Trust You

  1. MrsWhitneyB

    OK I will need that In a Valentine Day Card PLS!

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