The Breakdown Of Young, Black Relationships(Eva & Lance; Monica & Rocko)

( Eva and Lance, left and Monica and Rocko on right)


One the eve, of two of the hottest, young, successful, black,and gorgeous couples on calling it quits…………… is simply devastating.  I think that it is nothing short of beautiful to see young, powerhouse couples trying to make it work;  balancing work, play, children, home life, and family.  From the outside looking in, it looked perfect.  I mean Eva and Lance showing up at every red carpet supporting each other’s career and Monica and Rocko looking like the “modern-day” family on her reality show.  What happened to make these couples find the demise of their relationship?  Being a young wife and mother, believe me; I know the challenges of keeping a relationship afloat.  But, my question is, Is it possible for a young, black couple keep their commitments to one another and to make it to their “old and gray” days together.  I find it discouraging that relationships seem to be as fragile as glass, do you mean we as young, black couples don’t have a chance?  What is the reason for the breakdown and disconnection…………… maybe it’s immaturity; the lack of committment (we have seen the last days of when woman will accept anything from a man); not willing to sacrifice; not seeing healthy relationships to model; dealing with individual demons and urges; cheating; or just plain running its course.  What happened to the days where people lived happily ever after or is that just a fairytale.  Not only in young, black hollywood; but in my personal life and the people around me……….. relationships are being tested and we are failing the assessment.  Unfortunately, I wished I had the solution or the answers.  I just hope that whatever it may be, that we tap into it soon!  Please give me your opinion on the breakdown of young, black relationships.  I’m interested to know.


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  1. This is such a touching subject for me. I grew up with my parents married in a Christian home and going strong. Then I saw the deterioration of a marriage due to pride, lack of communication, insecurity, and right out selfishness. Was there hope for me the young to get married and have a lasting relationships? I toyed with the idea that marriage was pointless then I remembered that God promised me the desires of my heart and marriage was one of them. Surely I could not give up on what was promised to me. I got married in the midst of my parents bitter and ugly divorce. Advice that was given went from godly to just plan rude and mean. But GOD.
    I believe young couples nowadays don’t have a foundation to stand on. Foundation is firm and should not move. The problem is we allow circumstances and people to change our views. We see the divorce rate rising and begin to doubt marriage. We see the law system compromising the standards of marriage and we begin thinking God made a mistake. We have to stand firm. A lot of couples lack the committment to push through tough times. Most young people don’t know what it means to be loyal. Primarily they lack a strong relationship with God. I’ve learned that with Him first everything else will fall into place. As a young black married couple I find encouragement from the promises of God. I’ve been married to my husband since July 2008 and I bless God for this union. Good and bad this is my man until God calls us home.

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