Daily Inspirational Fix: God Is Merciful

God has seen me through so much, somethings I brought tragedy on myself and some were tests from him.  But, one thing is for certain, God has remained merciful; sparing my life and not because I deserve it , but because of his mercy.  Mercy has a new-found meaning to me, it’s my life line.  This pass Sunday, my husband was in a horrible car accident that could have easily claimed his existence, but he walked away with minor cut and bruises; you can’t tell me that God’s mercy isn’t  sufficient.  In fact, it fits in every space of our lives. From us waking up in the morning (and everything in between) until we lay our heads on our pillows just to do it all over again the next day.  So, today I take nothing for granted and thank God for not finding it robbery for showering my family with his mercy.  My husband got the chance to make it home to me and his son, and that’s enough for me to be forever dedicated to the mission of telling people about Jesus Christ and his mercy.  Please share your stories of God showing you his mercy.  I love you and be encouraged.


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  1. MrsWhitneyB

    God has been better to me and my family than I could ever be! His Grace and Mercy has kept us in spite of our disobedience and dishonor at times! Can’t understand why GOD has chosen to love me in spite of but he did! As I sit and look back at what I have manage to come out of my eyes fill with tears of JOY! Joy that’s far more than a shout and a stomp! I ask GOD for understanding of when, where and how I can do better by him. I pray that GOD continues to show me the way! Here I stand open and willing to follow GOD ! No weapon formed against me…!

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