Message To The Black Youth: WE MUST DO BETTER

Okay, so I’m at the doctor’s office with my baby and came across something that just ripped my heart out.  So, it was this young girl who was in the line right before me, signing in.  So, the lady at the desk asked for here birthdate (All I could remember was 1992, making this young black girl, eighteen), then proceeded to ask her to fill out the  necessary   paperwork.  The young lady looked at the clerk with a helpless look, nevertheless she took the papers and sat down.  So, I checked in a sat down and I just couldn’t keep my eyes off this young pregnant girl.  Not only was dressed inappropriately, but I couldn’t shake that look she gave the clerk once she was asked to fill out the medical papers.  So, by now my baby is getting restless, and my attention was forced off the young lady.  A couple of minutes passed and I noticed that she didn’t fill the papers out, but I do notice that she makes a frantic call that involved a lot of cursing.  By now, the clerk was asking for her paperwork and the young girl proceeds to get up and take the papers to her without them being filled out.  So, when the clerk asked her why she didn’t fill the papers out, she said that someone was on their way to help her fill out her paper work because she couldn’t read or sign her name.  My jaw dropped, but my son’s slapping my face brought me back to reality.  For, a split second I felt so sorry for this girl. Not only was the clerk looking at her like she was an alien, you could tell she was embarrassed.  Before, I could offer to help, the clerk snatched the paperwork from her hands and filled it out for her.  Not only was the young girl humiliated for not being able to fill out the paperwork, this lady probably made her feel like two cents.  I immediately, put my head down as she turned to sit back down because I didn’t want my sad eyes to make her feel any worst.  But, the thing that got me was when her helped arrived, she was more concerned if the woman brought her apple pies from Micky Dee’s than her dilemma.  My mouth dropped again, she nonchalantly told the woman who the clerk filled it out and went to demolish her apple pies.  Then minutes later, the ignorant girl pulled up her shirt to show off her belly and complain about her stretch marks.  I was floored, I could not believe that this girl main concern was her stretch marks…………. you are eighteen and can not read or write.  I could only shake my head in embarrassment, not judgement.  How could anyone be content with that truth, I just felt like she didn’t even care how it made our black youth look, let alone herself.  So, I said all of this just to make one simple point.  We have to do better as individuals then as a whole.  There is no way that our youth should be reproducing without anything to give their offspring.  There is no way that we should be content with laziness and procrastination.  So, if you know someone who is need of a “mindset adjustment”, do your best to help or set the example yourself.


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