Love Diaries: Is It Natural To Be Drawn To Your First Love?


Okay, so I’m talking to an old friend and she tells me that she run into her first love and by her flustered disposition, I could tell that it bothered her a little.  So, now I’m left with the question, do you ever get over the first person you ever loved?  Is it just natural to be drawn to the first person you gave your heart to? Is it worth holding to?  This got me thinking about my own experiences when it comes to dealing with the hurt and denial of moving on pass my first love.  Why is this person so significant to who I was, am, and hope to be?  Why does their opinion matter?  Why do their feelings mean so much to me?  I am pretty sure that many of us suffer with that truth and I do wish that I had the cure or could help you get over it faster.

So thinking about this, force me to look deeper into my emotions and feelings.  I came up with the conclusion that of course it’s normal to take a while to get over your first love. This is the person that you first made yourself vulnerable to, the first person that you trusted with all your heart.  The person who made your heart skip a beat every time you saw them; the first person you could stay in a lip lock for hours; the first person you literally stayed up all night to talk about absolutely nothing; and the first person who you was first intimate with.  I think that it’s an unspoken bond between you and your first love, that no matter where you go or who you are with; you will forever be connected.

When my husband and I first got married, we bumped into his first love.  They stood there for almost a half of hour catching up and I could see that twinkle in both of their eyes, that gave them that wimpy feeling that only they could understand.  Even though I didn’t enjoy that he was experiencing something so natural, I understood.  I understood because I have that same bond with my first love. I understood because it’s one of those loves that you don’t want to forget and that lingers in your memory like a catchy jingle.   Everyone has that same story, none of us are exempt and it’s nothing to be ashamed of; it was a life experience.  It usually shapes the nature of your future relationships.

 So yes, I do think that it is normal to always feel drawn to your first love, it’s only natural to fondly remember that special someone who you first loved.  Please share your story of your first love with me and the DBLOG family.



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2 responses to “Love Diaries: Is It Natural To Be Drawn To Your First Love?

  1. lost loved

    my question to the writer is how do u deal with the love you have for your 1st love? because im still in love with 1st love and wish that i could turn back the hands of time so we could do things so diffrently and everytime i see her my heart skips a beat and i feel like a lil boy

    • First things first, just want to thank u for visiting my site and responding to my blog! Secondly, it’s courageous of u to tackle this, most people suffer silently and live with the regret of losing love. The good thing about life is that although we can’t turn back the hands of time, we can shape our future. So, saying that if it’s possible to express to your first love your feelings, do so and maybe there is a future in the once blooming romance. But, if not, you have completed the first phrase in your journey to healing and now it’s time to move on. There is someone out there who deserves everything you have to offer and most importantly would be receptive to it. I wish you all the best with your quest in love!

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