Daily Inspirational Fix: How Can We Follow Christ W/O Confidence?

Okay, so I’m inspired to talk about confidence today because of a conversation I had with my sister.  She is a stong follower and believer of God’s word, so much so; that I confide in her all the time.  I always know that she’s going take me to the truth and that lies within the word of God.  So, halfway in the conversation we talk about a mutual acquaintance who is a minister who obviously are burdened with specific insecurities.  So much so that his “over-confident” demeanor is a defense mechanism.  He boosts about what he has and how important he is to the “religion scene”; but desperately seeks out validation for every move that he makes when it comes to his ministry. He is so fascinated with popularity and acceptance, that his journey for winning souls has taken a back burner. So, my sister proposed a question for me, Is it possible to follow Christ without confidence in yourself and your mission?  My first reaction was yes.  I mean all of us at times get insecure about ourselves, appearances, and decisions.  I mean didn’t Jesus doubt his mission of dying on the cross when he visited Gethsemane.  He ask God to take the cup, for a split second he allowed his fear and insecurities to cloud his judgement.  But, at the end he regain his composure and picked up his cross and proceeded to give us all the greatest gift……………SALVATION. 

But, then on the other hand; I feel like you should have confidence in abundance when you are dedicated to winning souls for God.  You should led a life that echoes without a shadow of a doubt that you believe in everything that the word of God stands for.  That means you must led a life pleasing to Jesus and that compliments his own powerful ministry. So how can you really lead God’s people and follow his example without confidence.  You can not.  So, as believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we must befriend a confidence that radiates light.  A light that makes people want to follow us, as we follow Jesus.  Today, start to deal with any insecurities that is damaging your confident, if it be your weight; wide nose; big head; chingy eyes, etc.  It’s time to display confidence.  I love you and be encouraged.


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