Is It Possible To Be In Love With Two People?

Okay, so I’m talking to a friend and she has a rather huge dilemma.  She has been with her spouse for nearly ten years and even though they have hit a road bump in the relationship; she is still  in love with him.  I know that sounds peachy, but this is when the problem comes in.  She’s thinks she is in still in love with a man from her past, who she clearly deems as the “one that got away”.  She says that she never ended the relationship, just moved on with someone who she felt was better.  So, now she stuck in the guilt of having strong feelings for the both of them.  Of course, with my “dramatic demeanor”, I’m yelling at her and telling her that she is not in love with this guy from her past; he just fills a void.  She quickly reminds me that she is happy with the spouse of ten years and that this other man doesn’t fill any void; she’s genuinely in love.  So, now I have to proposed this question, “Can you really be in love with two people”. 

Okay, my first mind says “H” no because my view on being in love is being with a person who totally satisfies your desire.  Someone who’s not perfect, but the love that they gives you makes you feel like the most important thing to them.  One of them loves, that can tell when you are in a bad mood and tries their hardest to make you smile.  That someone who makes you sing that Monica song, “Everything To Me”.  When you are in love you don’t want to split the love that you give to them with a third-party; you want to love on them so hard that you have nothing else to give another man/woman.  That’s just my opinion.

Now, let’s go the other way.  See, I think it’s possible to have strong feelings for more than one person.  Especially if you are lacking something in your current relationship and the other person gives the very thing that you are missing.  I think you are definitely prone to falling hard for that someone who seems to good to be true. 

I guess I’m saying, that my definition of being in love with a person, is wanting to give 100% to that person; wanting to do everything you can to make that specific person you love, happy (no matter how crazy and foolish, it makes you look).  Yes, I think you can feel like your falling in love with someone other than your spouse; if that person is giving you whatever your spouse refuses to give.  I want to know your opinion on this one, Is it really possible to be in love with two people?


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One response to “Is It Possible To Be In Love With Two People?

  1. MrsWhitneyB

    I would say Yes… Love has so many definitions and none reflect the next! I love my mother but obviously not as I love my Husband. To love someone from your past is to love them for the experiences and lessons learned during that relationship. Your current love offers something so different because you are not who u used to be! I “loved” the cashier at target because he gave me a discount… add him to the list too!

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