Keeping It Light Tuesdays: The Cougar Attacks….Come on Ms. Vivica Fox…You’re 45!

Okay, DBlog family, you know how we do it on Tuesdays!  I know you’re having a hard day and what’s better than finding humor in the senseless actions of celebs!  It could sure turn that frown into a smile (even if you are just laughing at them).  Okay, word on the street is Ms. Vivica Fox (Yes, Frankie from “Set It Off”, that was a million years ago, right) put on a full, drawn-out  tiff  because  her 26 yr. old boyfriend (And yes she is 45, 20 years his senior…….. I know just nasty, she’s old enough to be his mama) was talking to girls at HIS birthday party; which she hosted.  Yes, Vivica was in the club “”wildin” like a fifteen year old schoolgirl……………seriously Vivica?  I mean it was the man’s birthday; he is 26; and probably was a little more than wasted.  Why wouldn’t she expect him to mingle with a room full of young hotties (vice versa)?  I mean since she gave the party, she more than likely made the guestlist; you should have invited just your girlfriends, no one would have tried to get at Star Jones.   Seriously, Vivica maybe you should just leave the young men alone and spring for a matured gentlemen…………instead of a spring chicken!  Shout out to Vivica, loved her on “Two Can Play That Game (or maybe I was just checking for Morris Chestnut).


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