Reconnecting With Someone From Your Past…. Fairytale or Bad Idea

Okay, so I’m talking with my good friend (rather venting than talking) and telling her about my recent situation.  Okay, let me paint you the picture……………………………………….

So, recently I ran into an old friend that has been apart of my life for a number of years.  And over the years we have loved and adored one another tremendously.  So, when we met  again, it was a delightful and wonderful moment.  But, rapidly the fairytale reunion became sour and it was  evident that it was time to let this friend go.  My reasoning for moving pass it was that if someone was left in your past, they should stay there.  It was a reason why you had to leave that person and moving backwards is not a possibility.  See, in my specific situation, I think that my friend just couldn’t  accept, appreciate, and understand the person that I have become and because of their jealousy; they held me to an unfair standard.  The first time that I made a mistake and reacted in a childlike matter as a result of their behavior, my actions became unforgivable and unforgettable. They made a point to point out my shortcomings and questioned everything that I have accomplished. And, even though I have grown, I still have my moments where I’m “emotionally unstable or emotionally touched” (Everyone goes through that).   So, the first mistake that I made, I felt like I was held at an unfair advantage, I felt that my old friend wanted me to fail and wanted me to pay for any hurt that I inflicted with moving on and making a wonderful life for myself.   But, I realized that the judgement was my friend masking their insecurities.  That’s when I knew if I continued the relationship it would be toxic and I had to get out before anymore bleed was shed.   So, the moral of the story is to leave any and every relationship from your past alone because moving forward is impossible  to do when you keep pedaling backwards.


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