Poetry Corner: You Thought

Hello Dblog family, so the time has come for me to share another excerpt from my upcoming book, “Painting A Picture With My Words” .  This was simply inspired by me taking the bitterness from losing love and turning into self-esteem.  He might of hurt me, but he was the one at the end who was left hurt.  It also went with the theme of the next blog, hope you enjoy.

You Thought



You thought you broke my heart

And for a minute, I bled

But in reality you broke yours

And when life becomes quiet

And all you have is your concentration

And you become lost within your train of thought

Only then is when the truth will hit you

Hit you like an uncontrollable force

That’s the moment where you will miss me

You will miss my heart and its sensitivity

And the way it catered to your vulnerabilities

Your needs

How its sweet intentions filled the void

And it did fill the void


You thought you hurt me

And for a second, I did bruise

But you really injured yourself

And when your mind finally finds rest

My memory will then interrupt it

Because that’s when you will remember

You will remember me

And the times you spent in the simplicity of my company

And the sincerity

Of the way I wanted you

The way I taught you

The way you needed me to hold you

You will always remember the way you allowed your heart to love me

And the way you let your emotions control you

The way they held your feelings

Your thoughts

Your actions


You thought you hurt me

And for a little while, I lived in discomfort

But you will always remember; always notice my absence  




Danielle Kinsey










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