Daily Inspirational Fix: Be Yourself; The Person God Intended You To BE

Lately, I have noticed the jealous and competitive spirit around me.  If it’s not my kids in school, family members, friends, and associates; its complete strangers.  Seems like everyone is running this race and just have to be the first to finish.  They have to have the biggest car; the most money, and all the attention.  When did we lose focus on concentrating on our own lives  or just living in harmony, not competition?  When did we lose focus on not wanting what someone else has or trying so hard to be who we just are not.  For example, I have this acquaintance who I grew up with, who is now a minister, and his goal in life (and I quote) “Is to be on a Jamal Bryant level.  I know you might chuckle, but the sad part about the situation is that he actually believe he can be what Jamal Bryant is.  The truth is, no one can be a Jamal, if God wanted you to walk in that man’s footsteps, you would have been him.  The simply fact is that you don’t know the price of Jamal’s oil.  You don’t know the personal pain and trials that man had to go through to accomplished what he has.   Individuality is key and if you want to make it anywhere in life, you have to be truthful to the person that God has create.  Sometimes I think we just see the glitter and everything that we want instead of  the things that you must do to have the anointing that the Holy Spirit wants to give us, so that we can touch the lives of people.  And remember, that God has no respect of person.  He loves us all the same and shows no more favoritism on the small time preachers, than the ones who have made a names for themselves (or just been blessed to have a powerful and effective ministry).  So, be yourself and stop trying to win a race that is impossible to win, instead just be the person that God has anointed you to be and run the race effectively not selfishly.  And all this time you spend trying to meet the caliber of the great Pastor Bryant, spend on seeking God and maybe you can help unfold a beautiful outcome or save a life without salvation.  I love you and be encouraged!

I’ll leave you with the great words of Ms. Erykah Badu……………………..

“I don’t waste my time tryin to be who I’m not, I don’t walk around tryin to get what you got”



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