Hot Mess or Confidence?

Okay, I know this looks like a “Keeping It Light Tuesday’ pics, but I really have something to talk about!  So, I’m talking to my husband while we was watching a reality show and he made the comment about men who are stylist and why do they always have to be feminine looking (He didn’t say it that politely, but this blog is censored…….somewhat!).  I jumped to this man defense like he was my gay best friend, I argued the point that these men are comfortable with who they are and they are not afraid to express it.  The more I thought about it, the more I questioned myself.  I mean really, why do these guys work 100% harder on looking like a woman than a real woman.  Does it gives them confidence, that they can do it better?  They might just be expressing their desired selves, and all of us wants to be someone else at one point of their lives.  Or are this men just a hot mess (politely speaking), like my husband and his friends would say?  I don’t know, the conclusion that I made is that we all have to accept people for who they are or want to be.  What’s your opinion, is this a cry for help, expression, confidence, or just a hot mess?

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