A Family On A Mission: Hilary Is All Grown Up!

If you are wondering about what happened to Hilary Banks!  On tv, we knew her as the privileged airhead, but in real life, that is contrary to the truth.  Karyn Parsons- Rockwell is a wife and mother of two and is on a mission!  She is trying to sent the message out about society evolving and her family defines this movement.  I’m going to give you a quick history lesson!  In recent American history, it was illegal in many parts of the country for white people to marry or have intimate relationships with people of African decent, Asians, and Native Americans.  And, although things have changed considerably, we are not in a world that totally accept this truth.  So, the Rockwell family wanted to show the world firsthand on just how much society is evolving.   That love knows no boundaries, color, or race……..just hearts! I love this Hilary! And I wanted to pass something on  that’s not only educational, but inspirational.


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