Daily Inspirational Fix: Starving Your Doubt and Feeding Your Faith

Greetings DBlog family, lately I have been getting a lot of emails about people going through so much pain, drama, and negativity.  If this sounds like your story, please pay attention.  Now, I know pain, emotionally, physical, and  spiritual warfare on a first name basis; but it’s time to adopt a new mentality.  It’s all about starving your doubt and feeding your faith.  See, the “doubt” represents all the bad things going on in your life and the “faith” represents God and all the hope you can mustard to get through the storm.  Starving your doubt means not giving into the mental games that the enemy plays like “you can’t get through this”; “you might as well do the things that makes you feel good, because this pain will never end”, or “you aren’t good enough to be the person that you are striving to be”.   All doubt does, it’s put you in a darker place and puts you farther from true freedom.  And, remember that true freedom is not just deliverance from your struggle, but the ability to deal with the struggle and to keep a strong mind……. and heart.  I love you and be encouraged. 

Please continue to send your questions and I will do my best to answer each and every one of them.  God Bless.


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