For Baby Melanie

I’m more than saddened about the tragic death of Melanie Hamber.  If you don’t know who this is, this was the baby girl who was killed by her father, Tyrone Hamber  in Baltimore , Md. a few days ago.  The exact cause of death has not been announced yet, the father was initially charged with child abuse until the result of her autopsy showed additional injuries and now he has been charged with murder.  Initially, Tyrone Hamber claimed he found the young girl on the bathroom floor unresponsive.  Then, later while in jail; he admitted that he beat her with a belt.  My breath was taken and I still won’t allow my head to wrap around what has transpired.  I know if it is hitting me in my heart this hard, and as a mother (but a human being first), my heart bleeds for her mother.  Our prayers are with the family.

Please feel free to leave messages of love to our angel, Melanie Hamber .  I express myself with poetry, so this is for the family……………………………………..

If Only I Could



There is not one word that could touch the pain that you feel

Or any embrace could wrap around the disappointment that your heart knows

No amount of time would allow your soul to even began to heal

No touch would be gentle enough to fed your fragile emotions

Or ease the sorrow that consumes you

There is not enough truth that could make this tragedy real

But today, I can only extend all the love in my heart

In hope that it can ease what my words, embrace, and time can’t touch



Written By: Danielle Kinsey





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  1. So tragic… my prayers are with this family… People are so evil.

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