BET Has a Conscience+ Newfound Morals………………… Right!

Okay, well it looks like Bet (Black Entertainment Television) has banned Ciara’s new video for her single, “Ride”.  Even though I understand their reasoning (I mean do we want to show our young ladies/teens how to glorify sexual positions), but it’s a contradiction.  BET plays music video that glorifies sex, drugs, and money all the time; but they refuse to premiere Ms. Ci Ci video because she flaunts her “sexual skills”(And if I could blunt, d**k riding skills”), and shakes her “money maker”, the network will not support her music.  But, Ms. Beyonce can grind on one of her more recent efforts, “Video Phone” and make sexual references like bending over her with her butt facing he dancer’s manhood, is that not making a sexual reference or illusion?  Of course it is, but why is Ciara’s video being banned and not Beyonce’s.  My thing is if you won’t support one, don’t support any of them.  No purpose or justice is served in being role models for our youth and teen community when showing music videos who makes materials possessions, violence, and money the priority.  If BET want to uphold a standard, that’s great; but throw away all the garbage.


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  1. tshona

    omg… girl my cousin and i was like go ahead and speak the truth! Im catching up lol

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