Daily Inspirational Fix: Just Feel It


Lately, I have been surrounded by loss; not only death. But faith, love, and hope.  And, when I look around me, my family and friends are struggling  just as much and even more.  It almost feels unfair and I find myself looking for false comforts to ease the pain.  That’s something that I do a lot, for instant; when I had my last miscarriage, I put all my energy in working out.  It was my way to downplay my pain and to make little of the situation.  I thought if I concentrate on eating better, going to the gym, and meditating; that it wouldn’t give me much time to grieve.  But, this recent situation that I’m in; I just wanted to feel everything. I want to feel the heartache; feel every tear that swells in my eye; every thump that pounds in my head; and every fear that I was scare to admit.  I didn’t want to numb my pain, just feel it.  And, once I felt everything; I wanted to use that energy to moving on and look forward to living.  Sometimes, I think we are so afraid to face our pain, when we already have the strength to conquer it.  Remember, no matter what your situation looks like and I know it’s ugly; it’s going to get easier.  The Lord will be your comforter and your strength.  I love you all and be encouraged.


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  1. Nicole Ellis

    I like this!

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