Sex Changes Everything

Okay, so I’m talking to my good friend and we were talking about how sex changes everything in a relationship (for a woman that is).  Even if a woman is in a serious relationship or casual fling, you better believe that when sex is involved, some emotions will definitely start to brew.  I don’t even think it’s possible for a woman to have a “booty call”, because after three of them, suddenly that “booty call” becomes a big deal (or full blown love affair).  I really believe that we as women are just conditioned to want to make any relationship, serious.  For example if we date a man for over two years, we have to get marry; if we are getting along with a female associate for a couple of months, they have to become our best friend . And even though this is my truth, I know that most women share that insight.  I mean, what real woman wants to be only a man’s play toy or “booty call”; I’m worth much more than that (Every woman is worth more than that).  I know when I was dating, I had to mean something to whoever I was seeing, and I wanted them to see me as a vital part of their life.  When they thought of me, I wanted them to be reminded of someone that they cherished and didn’t want to live without; I didn’t want to be just another notch under their belt or just another girl.  I think it’s important for women to view themselves as someone special because if we don’t view ourselves that way, who will?  A man will treat a woman the way she allows him to; if she presents herself to be a “hoe”, then he will treat her like a disposable item.  But, if she presents herself as a lady that has respect for herself, he will follow her lead.  I often wonder would relationship be more profound without sex, could people make a relationship last with only an emotional connection?  Or maybe sex changes everything for the best? Let me know how you feeling about this one.


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  1. i have definitely been a victim to the o snap how come he didn’t call syndrome.. casual sex is a dangerous desire that many suffer from , its all fun and games in TV , the boy calls takes his time and waits for you . now in reality that ish is not flying if you are having continuous sex with some one then its on . the flood gates of emotion are on the way be careful .. well i choose to sit back drink my coffee and live : till then gve me 2 sugars and 3 creamers and ill holla

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