A Little About Dani!

Hello world, my name is Danielle Kinsey (my friends and love ones call me Dani, hopefully I can add you to that category!) I am a 25-year-old who prides herself on being a child of God,  writer,poet, wife, mother, and survivor.  I use my poetry and words through texting every morning to my friends and family and now I’m looking to broader my horizons!  I want to share my beauty and insight with the world.  Just recently going through a near death experience,  I’m urged to fulfil my desires and what God has for me to do.  So, this blog is to inspire and inform whoever comes across it, but please don’t put me in a box yet!  I want this to be a place where I can discuss things from religion to politics; fashion to the world of entertainment; soul exploration to things of simplicity.  I pray that someone will be moved by my honestly and intensity, because nothing or no one is off limits.  I know that making myself transparent will help something get through there own storms.  I’m not going to get too deep now because you will learn all about me through my entries!  So, tell your friends, families, and acquaintances that a new blogger is in town and that Perez Hilton has nothing on her! I love you and be encouraged!






Contact Info:  mrskinsey@comcast.net


3 responses to “A Little About Dani!

  1. Tshona Johnson

    Hey Danny! i told you i always read ur blog everytime i get a chance. They are very inspiring and encouraging just like you mean for them to be. I enjoy ur researched comments on celebs and ur open and honest opinion on lifes experiences. Your writing draws my attention in as if i were reading essence magazine lol. From a friend to a friend, i think that you could do more with your writing. Have you ever thought about creating a website? Or promoting your blog address? You are very talented in your writing and I enjoy reading everything, from desperate housewives to single parenthood lol. Keep up the good work Danny, u r awesome!

  2. Elder Lofton A.K.A Aunt Cat

    Hello Great Woman of God. I just want to say to God be the glory for the great things He has done, is doing and is going to do in your life. I thank God for how He’s going to use you to make a different in someone else life. Here’s a word of advice and I pray that you will receive it. What ever you do please follow your dream and your heart, but most of all in what ever you do please be lead by The Holy Spirit.

    Because I know you and your spirit I already know that’s what you are doing, and don’t you let nobody and I mean nobody stop you from doing what you are doing, because this is a gift that God has given to you and can’t no demon in hell stop it.

    Don’t share to much of your information with people without you going to God in prayer about it and the person. Because everybody that say oh you go girl and you can do this and that or you should do this or that , is not always with you and they are waiting for you to fail but the devil is a liar and a defeated foe.

    I speak wealth, health and prosperity in you life.
    A word of wisdom include you husband in everything share with him so he will know what to pray for. I pray that yall are praying
    together and if your not when you get this message than I need the two of you to make it your business to start praying together now.

    May God continue to keep you and bless you hope to hear from you soon. Love you Aunt Cat

  3. Donna

    Dear Dani (Hopefully you will add me to that category!)
    I hope your well and enjoyed the holiday season.
    I would like to discuss the possibility of adding your blog to my new online magazine aimed at Black women. To discuss this further please contact me at the attached email address.
    Kind regards

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