Daily Inspirational Fix: Starving Your Doubt and Feeding Your Faith

Greetings DBlog family, lately I have been getting a lot of emails about people going through so much pain, drama, and negativity.  If this sounds like your story, please pay attention.  Now, I know pain, emotionally, physical, and  spiritual warfare on a first name basis; but it’s time to adopt a new mentality.  It’s all about starving your doubt and feeding your faith.  See, the “doubt” represents all the bad things going on in your life and the “faith” represents God and all the hope you can mustard to get through the storm.  Starving your doubt means not giving into the mental games that the enemy plays like “you can’t get through this”; “you might as well do the things that makes you feel good, because this pain will never end”, or “you aren’t good enough to be the person that you are striving to be”.   All doubt does, it’s put you in a darker place and puts you farther from true freedom.  And, remember that true freedom is not just deliverance from your struggle, but the ability to deal with the struggle and to keep a strong mind……. and heart.  I love you and be encouraged. 

Please continue to send your questions and I will do my best to answer each and every one of them.  God Bless.


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A Family On A Mission: Hilary Is All Grown Up!

If you are wondering about what happened to Hilary Banks!  On tv, we knew her as the privileged airhead, but in real life, that is contrary to the truth.  Karyn Parsons- Rockwell is a wife and mother of two and is on a mission!  She is trying to sent the message out about society evolving and her family defines this movement.  I’m going to give you a quick history lesson!  In recent American history, it was illegal in many parts of the country for white people to marry or have intimate relationships with people of African decent, Asians, and Native Americans.  And, although things have changed considerably, we are not in a world that totally accept this truth.  So, the Rockwell family wanted to show the world firsthand on just how much society is evolving.   That love knows no boundaries, color, or race……..just hearts! I love this Hilary! And I wanted to pass something on  that’s not only educational, but inspirational.

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For Baby Melanie

I’m more than saddened about the tragic death of Melanie Hamber.  If you don’t know who this is, this was the baby girl who was killed by her father, Tyrone Hamber  in Baltimore , Md. a few days ago.  The exact cause of death has not been announced yet, the father was initially charged with child abuse until the result of her autopsy showed additional injuries and now he has been charged with murder.  Initially, Tyrone Hamber claimed he found the young girl on the bathroom floor unresponsive.  Then, later while in jail; he admitted that he beat her with a belt.  My breath was taken and I still won’t allow my head to wrap around what has transpired.  I know if it is hitting me in my heart this hard, and as a mother (but a human being first), my heart bleeds for her mother.  Our prayers are with the family.

Please feel free to leave messages of love to our angel, Melanie Hamber .  I express myself with poetry, so this is for the family……………………………………..

If Only I Could



There is not one word that could touch the pain that you feel

Or any embrace could wrap around the disappointment that your heart knows

No amount of time would allow your soul to even began to heal

No touch would be gentle enough to fed your fragile emotions

Or ease the sorrow that consumes you

There is not enough truth that could make this tragedy real

But today, I can only extend all the love in my heart

In hope that it can ease what my words, embrace, and time can’t touch



Written By: Danielle Kinsey




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Keeping It Light Tuesdays: Welcome Back Ms. Hill

My eyes are filled with tears, DBlog family!  Anyone who is close to me knows that I ABSOLUTELY love Lauryn Hill, I blast “Miseducation”, like it came out yesterday.  It amazes me how a piece of art that came out a decade ago is more relevant than the stuff out today.  Ok, back to business.  Ms. Hill was spotted last night in New York City on the red carpet for the Tanzania Education Trust Gala.  Look likes Ms. Hill still rocks for a purpose!!!  Now, Lauryn please bless us with some music.  Check out the others pictures below.  She looks good ,right!

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Hot Mess or Confidence?

Okay, I know this looks like a “Keeping It Light Tuesday’ pics, but I really have something to talk about!  So, I’m talking to my husband while we was watching a reality show and he made the comment about men who are stylist and why do they always have to be feminine looking (He didn’t say it that politely, but this blog is censored…….somewhat!).  I jumped to this man defense like he was my gay best friend, I argued the point that these men are comfortable with who they are and they are not afraid to express it.  The more I thought about it, the more I questioned myself.  I mean really, why do these guys work 100% harder on looking like a woman than a real woman.  Does it gives them confidence, that they can do it better?  They might just be expressing their desired selves, and all of us wants to be someone else at one point of their lives.  Or are this men just a hot mess (politely speaking), like my husband and his friends would say?  I don’t know, the conclusion that I made is that we all have to accept people for who they are or want to be.  What’s your opinion, is this a cry for help, expression, confidence, or just a hot mess?

Pictures from FreddyO.com

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Daily Inspirational Fix: Be Yourself; The Person God Intended You To BE

Lately, I have noticed the jealous and competitive spirit around me.  If it’s not my kids in school, family members, friends, and associates; its complete strangers.  Seems like everyone is running this race and just have to be the first to finish.  They have to have the biggest car; the most money, and all the attention.  When did we lose focus on concentrating on our own lives  or just living in harmony, not competition?  When did we lose focus on not wanting what someone else has or trying so hard to be who we just are not.  For example, I have this acquaintance who I grew up with, who is now a minister, and his goal in life (and I quote) “Is to be on a Jamal Bryant level.  I know you might chuckle, but the sad part about the situation is that he actually believe he can be what Jamal Bryant is.  The truth is, no one can be a Jamal, if God wanted you to walk in that man’s footsteps, you would have been him.  The simply fact is that you don’t know the price of Jamal’s oil.  You don’t know the personal pain and trials that man had to go through to accomplished what he has.   Individuality is key and if you want to make it anywhere in life, you have to be truthful to the person that God has create.  Sometimes I think we just see the glitter and everything that we want instead of  the things that you must do to have the anointing that the Holy Spirit wants to give us, so that we can touch the lives of people.  And remember, that God has no respect of person.  He loves us all the same and shows no more favoritism on the small time preachers, than the ones who have made a names for themselves (or just been blessed to have a powerful and effective ministry).  So, be yourself and stop trying to win a race that is impossible to win, instead just be the person that God has anointed you to be and run the race effectively not selfishly.  And all this time you spend trying to meet the caliber of the great Pastor Bryant, spend on seeking God and maybe you can help unfold a beautiful outcome or save a life without salvation.  I love you and be encouraged!

I’ll leave you with the great words of Ms. Erykah Badu……………………..

“I don’t waste my time tryin to be who I’m not, I don’t walk around tryin to get what you got”


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Poetry Corner: You Thought

Hello Dblog family, so the time has come for me to share another excerpt from my upcoming book, “Painting A Picture With My Words” .  This was simply inspired by me taking the bitterness from losing love and turning into self-esteem.  He might of hurt me, but he was the one at the end who was left hurt.  It also went with the theme of the next blog, hope you enjoy.

You Thought



You thought you broke my heart

And for a minute, I bled

But in reality you broke yours

And when life becomes quiet

And all you have is your concentration

And you become lost within your train of thought

Only then is when the truth will hit you

Hit you like an uncontrollable force

That’s the moment where you will miss me

You will miss my heart and its sensitivity

And the way it catered to your vulnerabilities

Your needs

How its sweet intentions filled the void

And it did fill the void


You thought you hurt me

And for a second, I did bruise

But you really injured yourself

And when your mind finally finds rest

My memory will then interrupt it

Because that’s when you will remember

You will remember me

And the times you spent in the simplicity of my company

And the sincerity

Of the way I wanted you

The way I taught you

The way you needed me to hold you

You will always remember the way you allowed your heart to love me

And the way you let your emotions control you

The way they held your feelings

Your thoughts

Your actions


You thought you hurt me

And for a little while, I lived in discomfort

But you will always remember; always notice my absence  




Danielle Kinsey









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